Naming Names: MGM Heading to YouTube

Just a few days ago, we reported that YouTube's big daddy, Google, was in negotiations with a variety of entertainment companies, but no names were mentioned. Well, the negotiations must have gone well, because MGM has just announced a partnership with Google Inc.

It will consist of two channels: One will have old MGM TV programming, such as the original American Gladiators; the other will carry classic MGM titles, like The Magnificent Seven and clips from more recent classics such as Legally Blonde.

Both channels will be free, but there will be ads along side of the videos.

Once again, we must ask, should Hulu be worried?

Hulu is still the place to go for higher-quality, recent programming from networks NBC, Fox, and CBS including HD content.  YouTube has dabbled in longer-than-10-minute content from HBO and Showtime. However, most folks still head to Hulu for watching "real" content.

Honestly, there's room for both. One place to go for a high-quality entertainment experience, and one place to go just for fun, although this new partnership with MGM might cause us all to rethink where we point our browser. —Leslie Shapiro