Multiple DirecTV HD - Look Ma, One Wire!

I was so content when I designed the wiring in my new home ten years ago.  Dual LNB DirecTV dish with two wires - going to the home theater, the other to the living room. Shortly after, DirecTV launched their boxes that accepted two sat feeds, for watching and recording multiple channels. My perfect system was obsolete. Now, it's gotten even more complex, but a simple solution is now available.

Directvtruck The folks at Satellite Guys were able to demo a new SWM LNB which brings Single-Wire Multiswitch (SWM) technology home. DirecTV plans to make these devices standard in installations to make future expansion and upgrades simple. Two companies are making the devices, Eagle Aspen and WNC, but except for cosmetic differences, they're identical. Changing to the system is pretty simple; the dish is the same, only the LNB needs to be changed, and a power inserter and splitter installed.

The new SWM systems will work with the following receivers, including HD models: HR-20, HR-21, H20, H21, R16, R22, D12, D13.

Now, I better go home and get this installed in my house. That second input to my SD-DVR has been unused long enough.-Leslie Shapiro

via Satellite Guys Full Review

photo courtesy of Masterpjz9