Multi-channel, 24-bit Wireless

Wireless speakers have been around for a while, but the sound quality, mainly due to interference, has always been a problem. Focus Enhancements has just started showing off their Summit FS848 IC that is designed for uncompressed 24-bit multi-channel sound.  The integrated chip has been in development for four years.

It's a rather brilliant little chip that can be used in components or speakers. In a surround set-up, the Summit system detects where each speaker is in relation to the others, using the SpeakerFinder feature that creates a 2-dimensional map of each speaker's location. It also has an auto-calibration system to optimize the speakers for their location in a specific room.

Keep reading to see how they keep it free from interference.

The Summit FS848 uses the newly available 5GHZ U-NII spectrum. This band is free of the crowding and intererence found in the more populated 2.4G and 5.8GHZ bands.

Focus claims that this is the only commercially available solution for multi-channel uncompressed 24-bit audio for the home market.

At the moment, only NHT has plans to partner in this technology, but expect others to jump in shortly. —Leslie Shapiro