Monster rolls out high-end headphones

Monster Cable is best known for its A/V cables, but it recently got into the headphone business. Just a few months after showing off its Turbine in-ear headphones, Monster is announcing the even higher-end Turbine Pro headphones. The company calls the Turbine Pro headphones "reference-quality," and that they can produce the same sound as reference-level studio monitors.

It's certainly a bold claim for in-ear headphones. Monster wasn't specific in explaining how the headphones can produce that kind of fidelity (or why they're worth twice as much as the already-pricey Turbines), but the company did mention use of new materials and a proprietary driver design.

The headphones also include the company's new "Supertip" ear tips, that Monster claims isolates noise better than previous models' ear tips. The Turbine Pros come with two sizes of Supertips, plus several sizes of Monster's conventional ear tips, like those found on the original Turbines.

Monster's Turbine Pro headphones ship in November, and will be available in gold-and-black and copper-and-chrome versions. They will retail for $300 for the headphones alone, or $330 for the headphones and Monster's ControlTalk headphone cable for use with cell phones.

Will Greenwald