Monoprice Monolith HTP-1 Surround Sound Processor Review Specs

VIDEO PROCESSING: None; pass-through up to 4K
DIMENSIONS: (W x H x D, Inches): 17.1 x 5.7 x 12
WEIGHT: (Pounds): 16
AUDIOINPUTS: Coaxial digital (3), optical digital (3), stereo analog RCA (2)
AUDIO OUTPUTS: Stereo analog XLR Balanced (16), stereo analog RCA
ADDITIONAL: USB type-B Ethernet, 12-volt trigger (4-out, 1-in), Bluetooth, Roon endpoint
Price: $3,999

Company Info
(877) 271-2592
(877) 271-2592

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Thank you Kris. I fully trust your evaluation process and review conclusions.
I'm sure the HTP-1 is a very good processor, however, I suspect that your enjoyment had much to do with magnificent Revel Ultima Salon 2 for your three front stage channels. You sir have a fantastic Home Theater setup, anchored by the JVC RS3000 reference level projector.

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Finally!..this proc has been like a mirage for what seems like an eternity. So glad to see a reliable review. Thank you...
now for the "this free beer is getting kinda warm bit"
Would like to have seen a little more elaboration around the DAC section. Ok Roon ready but are the DACs good enough for me to give up my Lumin D2?
For those of us not familiar with your system....what power section were you using? Or for that matter were there any other analog or digital sources beyond your disc player...while we're on the subject ... what was that? An Oppo 205 perhaps...hard to tell.
Like I said...I like my free beer cold but thanks again. Finally someone has actually played with this unicorn
BTW...the fine people at DataSat actually developed this piece for Monoprice just like ATI sources most of the Monolith amps. Take it with a grain of salt but I heard some gossip around DataSat producing a sister model to this as an entry level product but decided not to for some marketing or brand reason..
At any rate this unit did not spring fully formed, as in Botticelli's Venus on the HalfShell, fully formed into the universe but rather leverages some of the best development skill, tech and history in the market.

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Hi Kris, I bought an HTP-1 in Oct and returned it a week later after spending an inordinate amount of time trying to get it stable enough to work. But I found it was a GREAT idea for a processor and hope to purchase it later when some of the problems have been solved.

My questions:

1. What firmware version did you use?

2. Did you have on site assistance from Monoprice ins setting up the device? I do not mean to question your expertise, but some in the LA area have had a visit from the Monoprice team especially early on to solve some tech problems.

3. I use Auro3D and was under the impression it was not possible to setup a system for both
Auro3D and Atmos. If I read the article correctly you were able to test both decoders. How was this accomplished? Do you have two speaker setups: heights for Auro3D and Tops for Atmos?

4. When calibrating with Dirac, were you able to use the Bass Control module with multiple subs?

5. The final straw for me was if I "shutdown" the system, it would not boot up again without disconnecting the ethernet cable first. Did you just leave the unit on all the time?

As mentioned above, I find the HTP-1 an exciting product and one that could lead the way forward to more immersive systems that can automatically correct the room for 4 subs. Just didn't work for me this time.


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Would love some additional details here. Everything I’ve read about this processor has been very positive.

I would like to know what Monoprice had to say in response to your return and dissatisfaction. Was there a reply and attempt to resolve? Might this be an issue with your experience level and perhaps taking on a more complex piece of technology (not a knock, just wondering, as this system does appear to require some expertise and patience to navigate)?
I’m personally concerned due to the fact that I’ve just placed my order, and again this is the very first negative I’ve come across.


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No, I am not alone with the problems with the HTP-1. Check out the AVSFORUMS for the 6,000+ posts on this unit. Some people have had great luck with the unit, while others like myself have had to return them due to unacceptable flaws. Recently, the level of support has dropped off, but I think you will get great support on the forum. When the unit just wouldn't boot up, that was the reason for me returning it. I fully expect to buy it again after the issues have been nailed down. I would guess that you have an 80% chance of having a positive experience. Peter

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Will this device allow me to play multi-channel SACD's from my SACD player via HDMI to the unit? The DAC used in the Monolith is very capable of SACD decoding. Just can't find any information about whether it actually does (or not). If not, I'd render this unit useless for my purposes, as I also like listening to my collection of SACD's.