Mom has home theater installed in kid's bedroom ceiling

If you go to your installer and tell him that you want a 98-inch display driven off of an NEC projector and some custom Draper projection mirrors, he would probably drop his tape measure in surprise. That's the task that mom, Lisa Montgomery laid on the guys from Stereo Advantage in Williamsville, NY. It was a new construction project, so the team used a 98-inch StarGlass60 display, flush-mounted to the ceiling. The rest of the rig is evened out by some Polk Audio RC80i in-celing speakers, Crestron APAD controller and a Monster Cable HTFS500 Power Center.

While the whole thing has a definite wow-factor, I would have to actually sit and look at the thing before I could make a judgment on whether or not it was a good decision. The mom claims that the size and viewing angle make it great from anywhere in the room, but I feel like it might be an invitation to a nech-ache and a less than optimal viewing experience. Anyone out there have a ceiling mounted set-up that they swear by? We would love to hear your comments.

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