Mitsubishi's 40mm LCD Prototype

Mitsubishi is showing off a prototype of a 40mm-thin LCD TV, but the real deal should be ready to roll this fall. Specs for the prototype are slim, but the TV does have a 1920 x 1080p resolution. Display size, luminance and contrast ratio hasn't been revealed yet.

The prototype and product line will start at 40 inches.

How do they get the TV so thin, and what new technology is used for this new model?

These new Mitsubishi TVs will use uncompressed wireless technology to transmit the signal from an external tuner to the set. That's how they keep the set so thin. Most TVs have the tuner built into the chassis - this one is in an external chassis, not in the set itself. Mitsubishi hasn't confirmed what communication standard they'll use - WHDI or Wireless HD.

2b The size of the LCD panel module, power circuitry and inverter are cut in half to make this so thin.

Now, do you really want an external tuner? Why not? A lighter, thinner TV is easier to mount and looks best. With wireless connections, you also don't have to run cables up the living room wall.

Thin and wireless. I have a feeling lots of people will line up for this. -Leslie Shapiro

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