Mitsubishi LCDs With 16-Speaker Array

Mitsubishi is making some big splashes in the HDTV pool. They just announced some exciting news, which includes 3-D DLP packages with new screen sizes. But, perhaps the most exciting news is in the LCD line.

Mitsubishi is releasing two new sets: the LT-46149 is the 46-inch model with a suggested retail price of $3,299, and the LT-52159 in the 52-inch version, retailing for $3,699. What's so exciting about another LCD television?

The whole LCD lineup uses Mitsubishi's Integrated Sound Projector (iSP). This is a 16-speaker array designed to emulate a 5.1-channel sound field from a speaker cabinet mounted directly underneath the TV screen. According to Mitsubishi, "The system uses advanced algorithms to delay the sound at varying intervals to each of the 16 speakers, generating a 5.1-channel effect focused both directly and indirectly at the listener."

149isp_hero_glospeaks There is a setup system that optimizes the sound by calculating beam angles using a simple on-screen interface. "One of the key features of the integrated Sound Projector is its simple graphical user interface. Out-of- the-box, the iSP is set to deliver optimal sound in a typical room setting. In a matter of minutes, the user can easily enter specific room dimensions as well as the location of the main listening area. The iSP calculates the beam angles to provide the best sound for the room environment. If a user chooses to further fine tune the surround sound, the iSP provides the ability to position each channel via a test tone and an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Through the simple on-screen display, users can
adjust the location and sound level for each of the five surround channels. The output level for the sub
woofer is also directly controllable from the remote control."

The UltraThin Frame flat-panel TVs have 1080p resolution, smooth 120Hz Film Motion, GalleryPlayer software that create screen-savers for when video isn't being displayed, and unidirectional digital CableCARD slots.

The effect of the 16-speaker array is an interesting twist, giving you a reason to take a closer look at these Mitsubishi models. -Leslie Shapiro