Mitsubishi HDTVs Get Artsy

A beautifully framed HDTV hanging on a living room wall is a lot like a work of art. It isn't that much of a stretch, then, to consider displaying works of art on an HDTV in the living room.

That's the idea behind GalleryPlayer's partnership with Mitsubishi, which allows owners of certain Mitsubishi LCDs and DLPs to purchase and download high-resolution images to be displayed on the TV set like a screen saver.

GalleryPlayer's collection includes slide shows from National Geographic, as well as "places to see before you die," "greatest golf holes" and masterpieces like The Mona Lisa and Monet's Haystacks (pictured).

The images make their way to the television set through a USB drive that plugs into the screen. Similar products are available for home photos, but not in automatic 1080p resolution.

GalleryPlayer will pre-load each Mitsubishi HDTV with seven sample images. Each additional photo costs 99 cents, or $50 for a bulk pack of 1,500 images.

Many HDTV owners have stopped going to movie theaters. Perhaps in the future they'll stop visiting museums and art galleries as well. -Rachel Rosmarin

Broadcast Newsroom