Millions of OLEDs - Little OLEDs

While everyone is chomping at the bit waiting for some big-screen OLED displays, Toshiba and Matsushita's joint display group is making news at the other end of the spectrum. Their new factory, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co. is set to produce as many as one million OLED panels per month beginning in the fall of 2009. How big are these displays?

2.5-inch.  Yup. Millions of itty-bitty displays.  Where, oh where could all those little panels be going?

Rumors are flying, and who doesn't love a juicy rumor? Leaked information says the panels could be used in mobile phones and navigation systems, but we love to speculate.

Overview_hero20070905 If an iPod had an OLED display, it would use less power (OLEDs don't need backlighting) and have better color resolution. Who doesn't want that? The size is a perfect match for the iPod classic, so it's not a stretch.

Of course, they could just be for a cellphone or car stereo, but we just love trying to guess the future. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Bloomberg Japan