Miles Davis headphones: Buds of the Cool?

Milesdavis Any hopes of extrapolating Monster's headphone strategy have flown straight out the window with the company's latest announcement. First it released Beats by Dre, after the rapper. Then, it released Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, after the pop diva. Now Monster is releasing Miles Davis Tribute headphones, after the jazz legend. I can honestly say that I have no idea what's coming next.

The limited edition headphones are the first product to officially bear Miles Davis' name, authorized by Miles Davis Properties, LLC (the company that manages Davis' estate). They're also among Monster's most expensive ear buds, retailing at $499 (but can be ordered for $399 from

For the hefty price tag, jazz lovers get a ton of extras. The headphones come with the 50th anniversary box set of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, which includes 2 CDs and a DVD, plus a headphone test disc, 3 different carrying cases, and a wide selection of ear tips including Monster's new SuperTips.

Monster has not yet stated when the Miles Davis Tribute headphones ship, but the company is taking preorders now.

Will Greenwald