Microsoft Ponies Up for $10K Media Center Giveaway

Are your home videos trapped on your PC? Are your digital photos prisoner to My Pictures? Do you feel digitally disconnected?

Then Microsoft wants you.

The company is sponsoring a digital home makeover contest that will reward a digitally dysfunctional household with $10,000 worth of digital gear.  The prize package sports a new Windows Media Center PC, Media Center extenders, a flat-screen TV and supporting video-capable wireless home networking devices.

The goal is to show how digital media can be seamlessly viewed and accessed by multiple devices in the home. The winner, Microsoft says, will receive what they need to take control of connecting their entertainment options and start enjoying content from room to room anywhere in the house.

To plead your disconnected case, send a two-minute video that illustrates your sorry digital lifestyle and explain why you need a digital makeover to Deadline for entries is April 18, and the winner will be announced by April 30.--Rebecca Day