Microsoft and Akamai deliver HD streams

You settle in to watch the latest HD streaming content only to be constantly interrupted by stutters and stops as the buffering stalls your video. Nothing like taking an hour and a half to watch an hour long (or 44 minute long) show, right?

As broadband becomes more and more commonplace, Microsoft and Akamai are joining forces to add Akamai's AdaptiveEdge Streaming to Microsoft's Silverlight.

Using Microsoft's new Internet Information Services 7.0 Smooth Streaming (IIS7.0), users will be able to view HD streams instantly and without pauses for buffering. The new Microsoft technology will adjust playback to account for changes in connectivity speeds.

Akamai's digital media chief strategist Tim Napoleon had this to say about it.

"We've seen firsthand the growing demand for HD online content among our customer base."

Anything that lets me watch an hour-long show during my hour-long lunch hour is a good thing. —Leslie Shapiro