McIntosh announced its first all-in-one system

MXA60_aMcIntosh has been making audio equipment for 60 years. It's become well-known for its amps, pre-amps, and other components. However, it's only ever made individual parts for home audio systems; it's never made a complete, listen-out-of-the-box package until now.

The audio company has just announced the MXA60, its first complete home audio system. It includes everything you might need to listen to music, including a CD/SACD player, a 75-watt-per-channel stereo amp, a tube preamp, and a pair of loudspeakers. Each component is made with McIntosh's standards for construction, with all-metal casings and glass front plates.

The MXA60 is one of McIntosh's lightest products, designed to be used on a table or shelf. Despite its metal-and-glass construction, it's quite slim compared to the company's huge amplifiers, and its speakers weigh less than 8 pounds each. This isn't a shelf stereo you can pick up at Wal-Mart for $50, though; it's still a McIntosh product, and has a McIntosh price. The entire system will cost $7,500 when it ships in October.

Will Greenwald