Marshall Headphones Debut November 15th

There's no shortage of headphones options out there at the moment, but starting on November 15th, legendary amp-maker Marshall will be entering the fray. There isn't a lot to talk about yet, since details on the familiar-looking cans is hard to come by. They currently have a preview site up, which has little more than a picture of the upcoming phones in their decidedly slick-looking package and a count down to release.

The box does clue us in on a few elements, though. The little block with the word "black" in it suggests that they'll be available in more than one color. There's also a model indicator box, which says "Major." Since these are clear big, over-the-ear models, we can only guess there might be a "Minor" model that's smaller—an in-ear model parhaps?

The page also suggests signing up for their newsletter so you can buy a pair "before they sell out," so it's pretty safe to assume that the first run will be a limited edition. We'll update you with more info as we get it.

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