March 2017 New Gear

Onkyo TX-RZ3100 A/V Receiver
We could fill this entire page with features and highlights of Onkyo’s new flagship AVR. Suffice it to say, the TX-RZ3100 covers the A/V bases and then some. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect, supports all of the latest technologies—from high dynamic range (HDR)/4K video to hi-res audio—and provides everything you need to run a full-bore 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos or DTS:X speaker system, including eleven 140-watt amplifier channels and the requisite processing. It even supports Zone 2 and 3 playback (one with video).
Testing, Testing: Still not impressed? The receiver is THX Select 2 certified, which means it was subjected to (and passed) 2,000 tests in 75 categories, covering a mind-boggling 14,000 data points. Watch for our review. Price: $3,199

Onkyo • (800) 229-1687 •


Livv Wireless Headphones/Music Player
Former Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams wide receiver Mark Clayton was so fed up with headphones that would fall off while he was working out that he designed his own wireless over-ear headphones. What sets Livv apart from the competition is its patented SureFit headband, which keeps the ’phones firmly in place during rigorous workouts—yes, even NFL conditioning drills.
Player Onboard: The headphones are water/sweat resistant and support Bluetooth wireless streaming from phones and other devices. As a bonus, they also have a built-in MP3 player with 8 gigabytes of storage so you can leave your phone in the locker room. A lithium-ion battery keeps Livv running for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Available in black or white. Price: $299

Livv Headphones •


ClearView Window TV
“Window TV” doesn’t begin to describe the magic of what we’ve dubbed The Incredible Disappearing TV—a translucent TFT LCD screen sandwiched between two insulated panes in what appears to be an ordinary window. Hit a button on the remote, and the window morphs into a TV screen. The “TV” installs like a regular window but with an “electronic whip” that attaches to a remote input box with HDMI, USB, and VGA connections.
Pick a Size: The TV is offered in 22-, 32-, 42-, 50-, 55-, 65-, and 82-inch screen sizes (4K resolution above 42 inches). ClearView is working on a feature that will reverse and flip the image so you can also watch TV from a deck or patio outside. Prices range from $7,799 to $29,999 up to 65 inches; the 82-inch model goes for (gulp) $95,999

ClearView • (888) 343-4665 •


Rega Planar 2 Turntable
Simple. Beautiful. Two words you might use to describe the Planar 2 turntabnile. Here are a couple more: tried and true. U.K.-based Rega spent two years remaking the turntable it introduced the year Star Wars opened and Hotel California won a Grammy for Record of the Year (1977). And remake it did, outfitting the updated model with a new and improved tonearm, glass platter, 24-volt low-noise motor, main bearing, acrylic-laminated plinth, and hollow-cone foot assembly.
Wait, There’s More: In addition to new low-friction bearings, the tonearm is now equipped with an automatic bias setting, which elevates the turntable to plug-and-play status (well, almost…you still have to balance the arm). The Planar 2 is available in black or white and includes a factory-installed Carbon cartridge. Price: $675

Rega/The Sound Organisation • (972) 234-0182 •


Audioengine HDP6 Bookshelf Speaker
The HDP6 is a passive version of the Top Pick–rated HD6 powered speaker ($750/pair) introduced in 2015. It sheds the built-in pre/power amp but is identical in terms of components, build quality, finish options, and performance specs. Big Sound,
Small Footprint: Even though the HDP6 is only a foot tall, Audioengine promises big sound from its silk-dome tweeter and proprietary 5.5-inch Kevlar woofer, which is built on a solid aluminum frame and boasts an “advanced underhung voice coil.” The cabinet is made of three-quarter-inch-thick MDF with rigid bracing and has a tuned bass slot instead of a conventional port (low-frequency limit is 50 hertz, ±1.5 decibel). Finish options include satin black paint or furniture-grade veneer in walnut or cherry. Price: $499/pair

Audioengine • (910) 408-5557 •