Marantz's KI Pearl gear gets coffeetable book, SACD

Marantz logoLast month, Marantz announced its upcoming KI Pearl line of high-end audio equipment. The SA-KI Pearl SACD Player and PM-KI Pearl Integrated Amplifier were created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company's European brand director, audio designer Ken Ishiwata. Both the SACD player and the amp have all the hallmarks of special, limited-edition product releases: limited quantities, a unique "silk pearl" finish, and a formidable price tag ($2,999 for the SA-KI and $3,599 for the PM-KI). Now, Marantz has announced a series of collectibles to go with these limited-edition components.

The company will release a hardcover coffee table book ($30) and a dual-layer SACD ($50) that, like the KI Pearl components themselves, focus on the work of Ishiwata. The SACD is the most notable item, with a dozen jazz tracks chosen by Ishiwata and featuring the work of singer Katelijne van Otterloo. It was recorded with entirely acoustic instruments with a small sound stage, to emphasize Ishiwata's aural aesthetics.

Both the book and SACD will be available from Marantz retailers later this summer. The SA-KI Pearl SACD player is already available at Marantz retailers, and the PM-KI Pearl will ship in September.

Will Greenwald