Marantz SR6004 A/V Receiver Video Test Bench

Video Test Bench

The Marantz provides only a direct passthrough for HDMI-in to HDMI-out. Therefore, many of our standard Digital tests are inapplicable. The Digital Video Clipping and Resolution tests were run at 1080p in and 1080p out, HDMI to HDMI. The Marantz’s analog performance is marginal and best avoided for converting a high-quality component source to an HDMI output. The Analog Video Clipping and Resolution tests were run at 1080i in (component) and 1080p output (HDMI). On the Analog Luma Resolution test, the highest vertical resolution pattern (alternating horizontal black and white single pixel lines) was a flickering gray mass instead of individually visible lines. That normally indicates deinterlacing that uses bobbing, a rudimentary (and generally inferior) deinterlacing technique.—TJN

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