By a Marantz Blu-ray player, get a free Roku HD

Marantz has a new promotion to get people to buy its Blu-ray Disc players: free stuff. Starting today, if you buy a Marantz Blu-ray player, you can get a Roku HD for free. Specifically, you can get a full rebate for the device by printing out and mailing in this (PDF) form.

The $100 Roku HD might seem like a very small benefit after sinking $6,000 in Marantz's top-shelf UD9004, but if you're just getting the company's more affordable BD5004 (a comparative bargain at $549), it's a pretty nice bonus. The deal lasts through the end of March, so act fast if you want a free streaming media box to go with your Blu-ray player.

Will Greenwald