Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice

Grab a pencil and paper - it's time to make a list. What are the top ten things you are wishing for this year? The results of a recent CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) survey will surprise you. Blew me away, actually.

Black Friday has come and gone, along with the first full weekend of holiday shopping. 25 million more people hit the stores than did last year. Most folks were out buying clothing (how boring!) while 36% were buying consumer electronics. The survey indicated that four of the top ten items of those surveyed were electronics devices.

See what else was on the list, and more interestingly, see where electronics fell on the list.

Here's the shocking bit. Peace and happiness were tops on the list, computers were number two, and get this - good health was number 10.  More people want a new TV than good health! I guess it makes sense - if you're sick, at least you'll have a good TV to watch in bed.

In case you were wondering, good health is tops on my list. With that, all the rest are just that much better. Take note, Santa. - Leslie Shapiro

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