A Lifetime of TiVo

Woohoo!!! Celebrate good times, come on! Let's celebrate! TiVo's Lifetime Service is back! For fans of the TiVo service, this can be great news. Plus, unlike what others are reporting, a quick phone call to TiVo customer service revealed that the cost will be $299, for the lifetime of the unit. The price was $399, but during this rollout phase and continuing indefinitely, the price looks to be holding at $299. What's the catch?

The lifetime service is for the lifetime of your current unit - non-transferable. Considering the "lifetime of the unit" is unpredictable, signing up is a bit of a gamble. Having recently dealt with a dead hard drive, I can relate. Current monthly fees are $12.95, so  it will take about 2 years to break even. What you have to decide is will your unit survive that long? Even more of a consideration, will upgrade fever bite you and cause you to ditch your current TiVo for a newer, better model? Hmm . . . did I remember to TiVo Deal or No Deal? -Leslie Shapiro