LG's OLED prototype

It seems like yet another battle in the CE world. Everyone is trying to come out with bigger OLED screens to compete with Sony's 11-inch mini OLED. Samsung was showing a 14-inch and a 31-inch Full HD panel, and LG showed off a 19-inch OLED, powered by amorphous Si TRT technology at a recent conference in S. Korea.

Why is this news?

LG has said they were aiming to bring OLED screens to the market by 2011, so seeing a working prototype at this point is a pretty good sign that they'll be able to hit that deadline.

LG has said they'll bring 32-inch screens to the market by 2011, so with a 19-inch version, they're over halfway there. So to speak.  -Leslie Shapiro

Photo and story: Tech-On