LG is sticking with plasma

LG plasma Speculation about LG abandoning plasma screen technology seems to be unfounded, according to a statement the company released last week and reaffirmed by John Taylor, LG Electronics USA's Vice President of Public Affairs.

The release reaffirms that LG will continue to support plasma HDTVs for the coming year, and that it's expanding its relationships with retailers to promote plasma screens. According to the release:

"As a founding member of the Plasma Display Coalition, we are committed to the plasma business and we believe plasma TVs are an important segment in the flat panel display sector . . . We have invested heavily to strengthen the LG brand in this segment, and will continue to do so."

The speculation about LG leaving the plasma market seems to come from a Japanese television interview with LG vice president Lee Gyu-Hong, in which he said that the company was considering its position regarding PDP flat panels, and was working to reduce costs.

LG introduced 6 new plasma HDTV models across 3 new lines at CES 2009: the 1080p PS60 and PS80 (available in 50- and 60-inch versions), and the 720p PQ30 (available in 42- and 50-inch). While the plasma display market has faced some shake-ups in the last few months, it's clear that LG doesn't intend to drop the technology any time soon.

Will Greenwald