Launch of a Blu Christmas

Have you noticed a distinct push lately towards Blu-ray this holiday season? The latest Disney release (Horton Hears a Who) had a commercial solely for the Blu-ray release. No mention of the DVD until the tag.

Disney has a whole Blu-ray commerical - not pushing a single movie, but the concept of family, brought together by Blu-ray. Complete with a plug to BD-Live, where you can share the movie with a family member living away from home.  Aww, ain't Blu-ray sweet?

SamsungWal-Mart is pushing hard too. They have two separate ads running, one pushing the players they sell - focusing on the technology, another pushing the movies themselves. While I'm dishing on Wal-Mart, looks like they have a Samsung HDTV/Blu-ray bundle. Just in time to put under the tree.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Blu Christmas. —Leslie Shapiro