Ladies' Night at Best Buy

Best Buy is ditching the yellow and blue and going for pink. Figuratively, that is. In an effort to appeal to more women shoppers, a few of the new stores in Denver are doing to be redecorated. Not in pink, but for some reason, someone feels that skylights and earth tones will appeal to women. Really?

Perhaps they're just trying to get away from a sterile warehouse, putting products into real-life situations. I don't know - is it easier to convince your wife that the 62-inch plasma screen you want would look great in your home theater if she can see it in the store's home theater? I just don't buy it.

Wanna know what I think?

I think it's a bit degrading that they feel women need a special type of marketing to buy products. Forget about making everything pink; why not just put a pink product right next to the silver or black ones? Plus, this is just wrong - they want to change the name of "home theater room" to "family room." What about women who don't have families? "Lonely single girl room?" 

I'm also not sure that painting a store in earth tones is going to get me in the door. How about hiring sales staff that don't automatically assume women don't know about electronics? Some ladies do. -Leslie Shapiro

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