Klipsch HD Theater 300 Page 3


L/R 112 Hz to 18.3 kHz +/-6.6 dB Center 129 Hz to 16.7 kHz +/-4.2 dB Surround 115 Hz to 14 kHz +/- 5.0dB Subwoofer 43 Hz to 196 Hz +/-2.1dB

Both the Klipsch HD 300 satellites and the center speakers have similar response characteristics, including limited low-frequency extension, a 3- to 5-dB level increase above 1.5 kHz, and significant roughness at higher frequencies represented most significantly by a deep narrow dip at 6 kHz and a peak just above 10 kHz. Because the center speaker is a typical two-way design (except the drivers are configured horizontally instead of vertically), listeners seated to the left and right of the center will all experience slightly different performance. The Sub 6 subwoofer has limited low-frequency capability, but its dynamic capability is evenly distribute. This basically means that while the bass frequencies might not be powerful, they will tend to sound balanced. And the subwoofer's high-frequency response is well suited to the small upper-channel speakers both in frequency and in dynamic capability.