Klipsch Connects to DTV Debacle

While the transition to DTV is delayed again, it's still coming — like it or not. Speaker manufacturer Klipsch is jumping on the transition bandwagon, using the switch as an excuse to upsell your audio system.

From an article on TWICE: “We plan to do a consumer email marketing campaign surrounding this topic, and we are starting to put ‘A High-Def Picture Demands High-Def Sound’ logo on our boxes,” a spokeswoman said.

“As we position ourselves as the authority on 5.1 sound,” the spokeswoman said, “Klipsch is addressing the weakening economy by launching three HD Theater packages, which will sell at price points that are among the lowest in company history.” The $899-suggested HD Theater 1000, $599-suggested HD Theater 500 and $399 HD Theater 300 will launch in February, March and April, respectively. The systems, which feature five speakers and a powered subwoofer. will be available through Klipsch’s authorized mass and specialty dealers. Information about the three HD Theater systems will be added to the web site soon, she noted.

Does someone need to remind Klipsch that the switch to DTV does NOT mean everything will be HDTV. But, I'll bet there stuff sounds pretty good on Standard Def TV too.  --Leslie Shapiro