K-Rock drops rock. Opie & Anthony also K-O'd.

Opie and Anthony Bad news for O&A fans and worse news for rock & roll fans. Longtime NYC rock station K-Rock is switching its format from Rock to Top 40, and has fired Opie & Anthony from its line-up.

Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, 92.3 WXRK "K-Rock" will shut down and be replaced by CBS Radio WNOW, New York's newest Top 40 station. Tomorrow evening, the only terrestrial source of rock available to New Yorkers will be 101.9 WRXP.

Shock jocks Opie and Anthony have been dropped entirely by the station, and will become XM-only. Before the change, the radio personalities recorded part of their show at WXRK's studios, then recorded additional material at XM Radio's studios. Starting today, the pair will record entirely out of XM Radio.

Opie and Anthony are hardly the first radio crew to switch over to satellite from K-Rock. A few years ago, Howard Stern left the station for Sirius Satellite Radio. Since then, Stern's show has become quite successful on the pay service. Whether Opie and Anthony will follow suit, only time can tell.

Will Greenwald