Just what you don't need...VCR in 1080P!!!

  This world has enough problems without a DVD/VCR combo that upscales to 1080P. Have you actually watched a VHS tape lately on your new HDTV? As if those family videos of uncle Bob in a Speedo weren't horrifying enough, now we're going to upconvert those 220 interlaced lines to 2 million pixels? Stop...the...madness!

At least Panasonic had the decency honesty to put this little pearl of wisdom on the packaging:

 Upscaling VCR2 

"*7 Video sources converted to 1920 x 1080 resolution, while of high quality, will exhibit somewhat lower subjective image resolution than true native 1080p full-HD sources. See dealer for details."

 Repeat after me: Upscaling is not the same as true HD.--John Sciacca