Japan Vs. Korea in OLED Battle

It seems we're breaking news every day on the newest OLED technological advance. Sony's 11-inch XEL-1 was the first, and they announced last week progress on a 27-inch OLED model, with a 40-inch model far in the future. Now, Japanese powerhouses are joining forces to make 40-inch OLED television panels, most likely in an attempt to trounce the competition from across the Sea of Japan. Or the East Sea. See. They really can't just get along.


Xel1 Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sharp are joining with other Japanese manufacturers in a project spearheaded by the Japanese government to make affordable and competitive OLED models. Singing Kumbaya in Japanese. The government is going to help get the ball rolling with $32 million to compete against Korean giants Samsung and LG.

The project, said to run until at least 2013 is targeted on developing lower production costs, more efficient displays that will have a longer lifetime.

If better displays are the byproduct of the bickering, maybe we all shouldn't get along. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Reuters

Map courtesy of geolounge.com