iTunes with HDTV, and NBC is Back!

After a year in exile, fans of NBC should rejoice. And there's even more exciting news from Steve Jobs. It is Apple season, after all.

First part is that Apple is adding high-definition TV shows to iTunes 8.  Standard def shows cost $1.99 to download, and the new HD offerings are only a dollar more - $2.99. I know what you're saying.  HD on an iPod?  Who can see the difference on that tiny screen.  Oh, you smallminded person. Think about the number of HDTVs that make it so easy to view videos from your iPod  - it does pay to upgrade. Plus, lots of folks watch video content from iTunes on their computers, and those screens can be really quite good. Lost in HD? Sign me up.

What was the news from NBC?

Picture_1 After a price dispute last year, NBC is back on iTunes. Finally, you can catch up on The Office before the season premiere. This also means NBC-owned shows come back too, such as SciFi's Battlestar Galactica. USA Networks and Bravo shows too.  These shows will be available in both standard and high definition.

I've gotta go. It's time to upgrade to iTunes 8 and start catching up all the NBC shows I missed last year. -Leslie Shapiro

USA Today