iPhone's DVRPics for TiVo

So, you've got great photos stored on your iPhone. A whole series, perhaps. But, how well can you really see them on that tiny screen, no matter how good that screen is? Wouldn't it be great to see it quickly and easily on your TV?

Welcome to the new DVRPics app from the Apple Store. For a mere 99 cents, you can select the photo you want to view on your TiVo, then from TiVo, access it.

In order to work, both the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and DVR must be connected . . .

. . . to your home's WiFi network.

Dvrpic It's a basic app, but a slideshow feature is coming. It's not an earth-shaking app from the Apple App Store, but for less than a buck, it's a fun way to share your photos. -Leslie Shapiro

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