I Want My HDTV

Times are tough. Sometimes a man will do anything to feed his family. Just ask Jan Valjean. And sometimes a man will do anything so his family can watch TV. Especially HDTV.

The Pocono Record in Pennsylvania carried this news item:

Someone drove a truck or large SUV into the front door of Los Tres Amigos Restaurant on Route 209 in Middle Smithfield Township, breaking the glass, stole a 47-inch flat-screen Insignia HDTV, then fled the scene, police said. The burglary was reported at 4:40 AM Tuesday. Anyone with information is asked to call police at (570) 839-7701.

First of all, I'm not kidding. Therefore if you have information, please do call the police.

Second, I feel bad for the restaurant. Frankly, losing an Insignia TV isn't the worst thing that can happen. But having a vehicle driven through your front door could require some serious repair work. What a major pain.

Third, are they serious? They went to all that trouble, to rip off an Insignia? What is that, maybe a $1,000 unit at best? $800 on sale?

Well, clearly, next time you install a flat-screen TV, be sure to wall-mount it. And use extra long lag bolts. -Ken C. Pohlmann