Home Theater Without the Home

Who needs a stuffy home theater to enjoy your favorite DVDs? Next time you're having a movie night, check out the latest offering from Open Air Cinema. This company that made a name in outdoor festival events is bringing their expertise to your backyard.  No need to hang a sheet between trees - the  new CineBox Home outdoor theater system comes with a patent-pending inflatable screen.

Fireflies not included.

The CineBox Home backyard theater kit is available with either a 10-foot or 12-foot inflatable screen, complete with a blower fan inflater to keep the screen engorged continuously. According to the specs, it will fully inflate the screen in 30 seconds, and is quiet enough to keep running while the movie plays.

9291078200871125638836_500 The complete system includes a digital projector, DVD player, wrinkle-resistant screen, cables, carrying case, fan (with muffler) and an LED light so you can set up in the dark. Clever. Speakers not included.

People are staying home and looking for ways to make their family and neighborhood activities more fun-and what better way to do it than an outdoor movie night?" says Stuart Farmer, CEO of Open Air Cinema. "We rip the roof off the home theater and take it outside. Our system is easier to set up than a pup tent and when deflated, the 123-inch movie screen weighs about eight pounds and fits inside a duffel bag, which you can take anywhere."

The screens are available for just $399, or the complete package starting at $1,499, now at Amazon.com and soon through major retailers.

Who's bringing the marshmallows? You can't make S'mores indoors - S'mores and a backyard theater are gonna kick popcorn's butt. -Leslie Shapiro

Via Open Air Cinema