Hey, guys, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us!

And here's something the ladies will love: the just-released Limited Edition Gift Set of The Notebook (Warner), director Nick Cassavetes's 2004 adaptation of Nicholas Sparks's 1996 romantic-novel bestseller.

For those not in know - which is to say, most guys (especially consumer-electronics guys) - The Notebook is one of those multi-hankie movies of doomed/redeemed love. Released to solid box-office returns, it has since become a classic tearjearker on home video - "and a good one," says Roger Ebert.

He's right. The star-crossed lovers (Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling) are well cast, and they're supported by a fine bunch: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Joan Allen, and Sam Shepard.

But what does this Limited Edition have that makes it such a great gift?

Inside an attractive box are two bookmarks and a stationery set of 16 notecards, envelopes, and stickers. And of course, there's a notebook - with stills from the film and more than a dozen blank pages for your lady to make her own photographic story, assisted by the included photo corners. Warning: If she and you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read the captions in the notebook first. They have spoilers for major plot points - points that give this story some welcome depth.

Whether you get the standard DVD edition or the Blu-ray Disc version, all of the disc extras from the 2005 DVD are here: separate commentaries by Cassavetes and Sparks, four featurettes (including one on the director, who is Rowlands's son), 12 deleted scenes, and McAdams's screen test.

Box o' candy? Flowers? C'mon.

My wife and her best friends are actually driving to Canada on Thursday for their annual girls' getaway, which this year just happens to fall on Valentine's Day weekend. They're taking The Notebook with them. 'Nuff said. - Ken Richardson