Headphone Shootout: The Best and Worst Celebrity Cans Page 7

1st Place: Marley Exodus

Only Brent picked these as his favorite. Lauren and I picked them second, and Will, third. That consistency and the lack of any significant vices gets the Exodus into our top spot. They're distinctive looking, but not blatantly so. They're tied with the Aviators as the cheapest in this roundup as well.

Unfortunately, they're by far the least comfortable of the headphones here, with Lauren and Brent putting them dead last in that category, and Will and I putting them second to last.

Brent perhaps put it best, saying, "I have not the slightest complaint about the sound of these," following that with "they are excellent," and that these were the only ones that " sounded right on Olive's "Falling." He liked the bass-to-treble balance, the tight but reasonably full bass response, the clean and natural mids, and the smooth highs. To him they sounded like a good set of professional headphones. His one objection: "they clamp your head like a frigging vise. I couldn't wear them for an hour."

Sonically, I felt they had decent openness to them, though not as much as the Quincy's. Bass wasn't bad either, maybe a little muddy but not so much as some of the others. I found them sliding upwards off my head - as if they were trying to escape - and eventually they'd just pop off skyward. At least that would relive the pressure.

Lauren felt these were one of the few she found tolerable, with good highs and mids. She though the bass could be a little better, but it wasn't bad. She, too, felt that they were sliding upwards off her head.

Will thought they were beautiful and expensive looking, with a rather retro aesthetic. He even thought they were comfortable - "for about 10 minutes." He didn't like the sound of these as much as the rest of us did, however, finding them to be a little muddy in the midrange, without much separation between vocals and percussion.

It's frustrating that the best-sounding headphones of this bunch were also the least comfortable. The Exodus look cool, sound great, and aren't too expensive. Maybe your head can fit them better than ours. If so, one love, brother, one love. (come on, you were waiting for it)