Headphone Shootout: The Best and Worst Celebrity Cans Page 3

5th Place: JustBeats Solo

Speaking of fleecing your fans, here we have the exceptionally bad JustBeats Solo. I rated these last, Brent and Will picked them second to last. Lauren rated them mid-pack, with the damning faint praise of "not awful."

It might have helped that she was the only one who found them comfortable, rating them second for comfort. Will and I marked them last for this, Brent, fourth. It's clear that none of us fall into the demographic for these headphones. While that makes our opinion of their ridiculous color invalid, it shouldn't matter for sound quality. Of which the Biebers had little.

I found them to lack any semblance of openness, or indeed, treble. They sounded muffled with vocals. Maybe a lack of treble is good for the ears of the youngins that will inevitably have these bought for them, but then why is the bass such a mess?

Will hated the fit, and felt he had cheap gaming headphones at home that sounded better than these. He found they distorted at high volumes, hurting his ears.

Brent was kinder, in a way: "If these were called ToddBeats or SonnyBeats or GeddyBeats - and if the tonal balance was tilted up some -and if they weren't purple - I would buy them in a heartbeat." He felt that the bass, while "tight and defined" was too "pumped up" causing the highs to sound dull and lacking detail. He did like the form factor and thought they were pretty comfortable. Lauren felt similarly about the highs, saying they lacked a "crispness."

For $50 or even $75, the mediocre sound quality of these headphones could be forgiven, especially given the presumed lack of a discerning audience. But for $200 these are nearly as bad a ripoff as the Souls, especially when you consider that the winning headphone in our shootout costs 25% less.