HDTV Super Bowl Sales

Did you, or didn't you?

The Consumer Electronics Association predicted that nearly 2.6 million HDTVs were sold specifically for Super Bowl XLIII.  They said that for the fourth year in a row the big game is the number one reason folks go out for an HDTV.

“Even in this tough economy HDTV growth has remained strong and steady,” said Jason Oxman, CEA Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs. “Since the early days of HD, sporting events have lead the way in high-def broadcasts. Sixty percent of consumers said the Super Bowl is one of their favorite sports to watch in HD. It is no surprise that most Americans would not think of hosting a Super Bowl party without watching the game in HD.”

If you did buy a new HDTV recently, was the game part of the reason?  Better yet - was the game the only reason?  --Leslie Shapiro