HDNet not coming back to Time Warner customers

If you're a customer of Time Warner Cable, then you have probably noticed that you no longer get any of Mark Cuban's HDNet channels. The story being reported is that Mark Cuban was unhappy with the channels' spot on the HD Tier package that didn't get a lot of play and wanted more visibility. The debate allegedly went on too long and TWC pulled the plug all together. Cuban posted on his Twitter that the channels wouldn't be coming back. So, what do you get instead for your extra couple of bucks a month? Well, it depends on your region. A call to Time Warner here in upstate New York revealed that I'm now getting The Smithsonian Channel, a network about rural living (customer service person: "They had Hee-Haw on the other night") and something that was described to me as "Lifetime for men."

So, there are now three channels in place of two, but I don't really want those three. I liked the HDNet Movies channel quite a bit and the MMA fights on HDNet were great. I guess the bad part is that I wasn't notified. It seems like an e-mail would have been a nice touch.