HD DVD Market Info

We've all been wanting real numbers on the market penetration of both formats, and Toshiba shed some light at this morning's press conference.

Toshiba has sold over 60,000 HD DVD players so far in the in the US. Microsoft sold over 40,000 of its Xbox 360 external HD DVD drives in November alone, so HD DVD penetration is well over 100,000 in the US and climbing. And unlike PS3 sales, which don't necessarily indicate high-def penetration, anyone buying these HD DVD products is unequivocally doing so to spin HD DVDs.

Looking forward to 2007, Toshiba will have three players on the market and looks for continued Xbox add-on sales. According to Toshiba's market forecasts, by the end of 2007 one half of US households will have an HDTV set. If Toshiba captures 3% of this market share for HD DVD it will have sold two million units. Software sales continue to be strong, and Toshiba estimates there will soon be over 150 titles available.

The HD DVD Group is holding a press event later tonight, so look for more HD DVD news here late tonight or early tomorrow.