Happy Birthday Big Bird, and Welcome to the 'Net!

Sesame Street just turned 39!  Happy Birthday! To celebrate, Sesame Street is hitting the Internet, in a big way. They're heading to iTunes, YouTube, and Hulu. Talk about covering all your bases. It makes sense - their target audience doesn't really care how they get him, they just wanna their Big Bird.

See how your family can get its fix of Elmo.

You already know how to get your favorite shows on iTunes. Now, download full-length episodes of Sesame Street for just $1.99 per show. Right now, they're starting with 12 episodes from their 35th season. There have been a few free videos on iTunes thus far. But the selection is expanding, including a new free special where Elmo learns about getting ready for school.

YouTube will have over 100 clips on a separate Sesame Street channel. More segments will be added monthly, so viewers can keep checking for new content.

Finally, Hulu has its own Sesame Street channel since last week. In addition to over 100 segments from old shows, there are over 30 segments featuring celebrity guest appearances from stars such as Julia Roberts. Again, new clips will be added monthly.

Looks like there are lots of ways to get . . . how to get to Sesame Street. -Leslie Shapiro