Happy 200 Million, iTunes!

Apple is celebrating, and with good reason. According to Apple, the iTunes Store is the world's most popular online TV store. How popular? They've sold over 200 million TV episodes, which includes the 1 million HD shows sold since launching the HD option just last month.

That's a lot of TV, especially considering that the vast majority of the shows from NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC are available over the air, free, or as part of your basic cable or satellite options.

Why so popular?

"We've got an incredible Fall 2008 TV lineup with over 70 prime time comedies and dramas, including many of the most popular shows on TV in stunning HD," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of Internet Services. "With over 200 million episodes sold, iTunes customers have proven they love watching television on their computer, iPod, iPhone and TV with Apple TV."

Standard def shows are $1.99, while HD shows are $2.99 per episode. I'm all for HD, but I'm intrigued that people pay a premium for an HD show that they'll watch on their iPhone. Whatever. -Leslie Shapiro