Hallmark: The Middle-aged Audience is Listening

Something just wouldn't be quite right if middle-aged people approaching retirement grasped and adopted new technologies faster than their children. So it comes as no surprise that a study on that topic commissioned by Hallmark turned out just like that company's TV specials: predictably.

According to the Hallmark study, 55% of baby-boomers find "new television technologies" to be complicated and difficult to use, and only 24% of them manage to record shows with a DVR.

A healthy 69% prefer to fast-forward through commercials when given the option, however, so we guess that only happens when they successfully record a show (maybe when a youthful house guest shows them the ropes?).

As much as boomers struggle with TV technologies compared to younger folks, television advertisers shouldn't disregard them. Their antiquated viewing habits make them very approachable compared to multitasking "millennials." Boomers are a captive TV audience - they're much more likely to stay on one channel, watch commercials, and focus on the TV rather than on a laptop or cell phone, according to the study.

Hear that, advertisers? Hallmark wants to make sure you don't forget about its aging audience the way their ungrateful children do. -Rachel Rosmarin