Got Coupon?

It's 47 days and counting down to the DTV transition. We've been warning you to get moving on getting ready, but no, some of you are waiting until the very last minute. Well, guess what, lazy bones. You might be out of luck when you apply for your government-sponsored $40 coupon off the price of your digital converter box.

Imagine that - the government might come up short.

A $1.34 billion limit was set for the coupon program,and that limit could be reached by the first week in January.  Get your coupon NOW.  I mean it.

Congress will need to direct additional funds to the program to keep up with the increase in demand.  When they do run out of funds, they'll hold off on sending out the coupons until funds from unredeemed coupons become available. Remember, you have 90 days to redeem those coupons, and if you don't, the $40 goes back into the pot.

So, we'll say it one more time: go to and get your coupon and redeem the darn thing, before it's too late. — Leslie Shapiro