Givin' It Away: Free Zune's for All

Look out your window. See any frost? Apparently, hell hath frozen over. This is something that we would never have thought we'd see. Most MP3 manufacturers bundle in headphones, sometimes really good headphones with their portable players. In a complete 180-degree shift, now you can buy really great headphones, the Klipsch IMAGE in-ear buds, with a Microsoft Zune 4GB player thrown in. For free! Yup. Zip, nada, bupkes, zilch. If you ever wondered how Microsoft was doing against Apple in the portable digital music player arena, this is pretty telling. These Klipsch IMAGE headphones retail for the same $349 price elsewhere, but keep reading to see where you can get them with a free Zune.

55604007s12 On, they'll thrown in the Zune, for nothing.  What does it say if you're giving your products away? Bet you'll never see an Apple player given away for free. Laws of supply and demand be damned -- this is just amazing. If you want a Zune for free too, just go to Newegg and get one while it lasts.  If nothing else, the Klipsch IMAGE headphones are really great headphones, with or without a free Zune.-Leslie Shapiro