Girls on Top

A study of American technology trends conducted by Canadian research firm SRG (Solutions Research Group) had some interesting results. Most marketing companies and manufacturers tend to view women consumers as an afterthought, often with the "pink it and shrink it" mentality that if they make it small and cute, women will automatically flock to it and buy it. Face it, most technology is marketed towards men. The results of this study indicate that if companies don't specifically deal with women, they might be missing out on something quite interesting. Survey says...

Women stream TV shows more frequently than men - why not catch up on last night's drama during lunch hour at work?  Women use a DVR/TiVo more than men.  Women who have kids time-shift 56% of their television viewing compared to 42% of men, probably since time management is a bigger problem for them. Truly surprising was that 70% of women played computer games compared to 69% of men.  Granted, that one was close.  While you might have thought that the ratio of men to women who play console-type games would be a slam-dunk, it's not.  50% of men surveyed play, while a surprising 38% of women play.  And, of those who play, women are more likely to have a Sony PSP than men. This one seems like a no-brainer, but women are more active in online social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Men are more likely to download movies and TV shows, but women are more likely to transfer photos to their PCs. The technology is out there, and today's women are certainly taking advantage of it. Before companies brush off women as potential consumers, they might want to take a closer look at who is actually using their products.-Leslie Shapiro

Photo courtesy of:
Matthew Bowden