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Potent Peripherals

A New SwitcherooSpending hours in front of your HDTV is understandable; spending hours behind it isn't. High-definition TVs rarely have more than two high-def-capable component-video inputs. Thanks to the Mad Catz HDTV Component System Selector ($30), you'll no longer be burdened with the hassle of connecting and disconnecting cables to accommodate all of your component-video gear. The selector has four sets of inputs to handle things like progressive-scan game consoles and DVD players, satellite-TV receivers, and digital tuners. And it only takes a simple flick of the switch to choose between them. (

-Natalie Nodecker

Free Flo'ing Gaming got you all fired up? Let Nyko cool you down. The Wireless Air Flo for PS2 ($50) offers players the ultimate comfort while in the zone. Dump your standard 6-foot leash and opt for this cable-free controller, featuring an adjustable flow of air through the cushiony rubber handgrips. For 10 hours of gameplay, you'll need 4 AA batteries and lots of stamina. But don't worry: with the Wireless Air Flo, the competition will be doing the sweating. (

-Natalie Nodecker