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Red Dead Revolverstarstarstarstar

red dead revolver(Rockstar; Xbox, PS2) He might bear a striking resemblance to "The Man with No Name," but this gunslinger has a name. It's Red - and he's steaming. After witnessing his gold-panning family slaughtered by bandits, the lil' mountain scout grows into a mean, lean, lead-shootin' machine. Throughout his 30 tasks as a bounty hunter - from stagecoach-leaping levels to more classic, Peckinpah-style shootouts - revenge is the only agenda. The visuals are primped with so much true Western grit (translation: 480p resolution) that you'll expect tumbleweeds to roll through your home theater. And signature Leone moments - from licensed Ennio Morricone music to ugly vs. uglier showdowns - flourish thanks to a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for Xbox (as opposed to mere Dolby Pro Logic II for PS2). The 5.1 is so fine-tuned that bullets ricochet around you, warning that you could be deader than a desperado in five seconds flat if you lack that Eastwood knack.

-Jon M. Gibson