GAME REVIEWS - Medal of Honor: European Assault

EA (all consoles)
Game ••½ Graphics/Sound ••••
After Rising Sun sank like a stone, the Medal of Honor series went back to boot camp. Now this World War II first-person shooter is in fighting form again for a European Assault, but it's quickly hobbled by newly added arcade-style gimmicks - like a Matrix-inspired power-up that slows time and grants you invincibility and unlimited ammo. Morphing the game's hero into Neo doesn't make sense in a series famous for its historically accurate battles. Sparsely detailed environments also earn the game a demotion (fortunately, the action is usually too intense for you to notice), as does the absence of online play. Even though your screen doesn't benefit, your speakers will, thanks to the superb, sweeping score and realistic enemy fire that will have you taking cover behind your couch.