The Gadget Girl: Gizmos on the Go

During the summer, I'm usually on the run all day without ever coming home for a pit stop. That's not a big deal, except sometimes my devices can't keep up with me. But Sennheiser's MX75 headphones ($50), part of its new Sport line, are up to the task. Not only are they durable, sweat-resistant, and lightweight; they're also amazingly comfortable. The "Twist-to-Fit" design held the 'phones securely in place during my workout on an elliptical trainer. More important, the sound was detailed and clean even when I cranked up my CD player's volume to the max.

Next up is the Solio ($90), a fan-like solar device that lets you charge handheld gear like an iPod or cellphone without using a wall socket. I charged its internal lithium-ion battery by leaving it on my deck directly in the sun for 10 hours, but when I plugged my completely drained cellphone into it for an hour, the charge lasted only about 10 minutes - long enough to make an emergency phone call, but that's it. The Solio is small enough to have along in a beach bag or on a camping trip, or to stow in the glove compartment in case of a crisis, but it's not a realistic energy source for everyday use.

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